About Us

About Us


When not in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or Miami, having the opportunity to drive from a wide selection of beautiful exotic cars is not always easy to find.

Zadart, Seattle’s only exotic and luxury car rental company,  has made it available. Zadart is a lifestyle; only high end, peak conditioned, well maintained, and stunning cars are available in our fleet. We hope you don’t expect anything less.

We are a local company that is dedicated to the car enthusiasts of Puget Sound. Just like you – we love great cars and we are here to let you experience it.

Zadart is small and we are proud of it. When you work with Zadart, you don’t work with a faceless tired steward behind a long counter wearing a fake smile. Instead you work directly with us – the enthusiasts – the people who care. We know all of our customers on a first name basis. We love to hear your stories and we love to share ours. If you have a special need or an occasion – let us know and we’ll stretch and push and fight to make it happen.

Our clients clearly appreciate this attitude – most of them become repeat customers. We encourage you to read what past clients have said on our Yelp page!

With just a few parking places for the cars, we strive to make sure that all of them are always rented. So, we offer unbelievably affordable prices to get the fleet busy all the time. You can find that our prices are often 50% less than anywhere else.

Our fleet of cars is always expanding, so there’s always a new car for you to drive and enjoy. We are always looking for rare treats – those cars that you always dreamed of driving. So feel free to share these dreams with us and we will do our best to make them true.

We look forward to serving you. Thank you for choosing Zadart as your exotic and luxury car rental service.

Zadart – Dreams Driven.


This is by far the greatest place to rent a car for a night on the town. The staff is very friendly and attentive, much more than i was expecting. Zach was the guy i dealt with the most, he was very business-casual and didnt mind talking about all of their great cars. I also had the luck of running into the owner while i was there, he was very energetic and easy to get along with. Customer service is for sure at the top of their list. The car i chose was the blue Audi R8 V10. The car was not flawless, but it was in very good condition considering it is a rental car. The Audi was by far worth the price i paid to have the honor of driving it. If you are looking for an exotic or luxury car to take out for the day, or even a few hours, this is the place to go. I will for sure use their service again.

Nicholas P.

Zadart is really a one of a kind place! Awesome vehicles, great staff, and an overall amazing experience!! Doug and JD will really take great care of everything to make sure you have an excellent time. I drove the 2012 458 Italia. Absolutely amazing vehicle! And since it was my first time driving an exotic of that calibur Doug made sure I knew everything I needed to know before taking off down the road. That helped tremendously because it really made it so the time I had with the vehicle wasn't wasted trying to figure out what the different buttons do...etc. The vehicle was in great shape. No weird worn out parts, faded colors, or funky noises. This was in garage queen like condition. Really great for my first time, I mean I've seen on YouTube what a terrible exotic rental looks like, this place was the exact opposite! Overall amazing company and I'm sure with this level of service and vehicles that they will be around for a long time to come!

Danny P.

Zadart is run buy gentlemen. This company has it together: great service, new clean cars, amazing. The customer experience from start to finish was impeccable, and cars are outright astonishing! I had very good time with Lamborghinis and will definitely chose this company again next time. I rented Lamborghini Gallardo and Lamborghini Huracán and I would say that every cent I gave them was worth it. I recommend Zadart prestige luxury rentals to everyone who can afford. I am a "frequent flier" of these cars. Thank you very much guys.

Robert U.

Doug, Eric, and the entire Zadart team run a world class operation. I have had the pleasure of renting a couple times from Zadart when I am in town, most recently their brand new Lamborghini Huracan, and I can tell you there are few better ways to enjoy a beautiful Seattle day than behind the wheel of your dream car. Their prices are significantly less than rental agency's elsewhere (LA/Vegas) but their cars are in just as good of condition. To make a good thing better, it seems they're always adding new cars to the fleet, so I'll never run out of new options. Whether it's a special occasion or just a spoiling of yourself, Zadart is truly the way to go. Thanks, guys. Ps: I must warn you, if you rent once, you WILL be back!

Spencer F.